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Welcome to Kaelari's Ladder

An Unofficial Competitive Ladder for SolForge.

Play SolForge, report your games, and climb the ladder.

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Kael Cup Championship

When: Saturday 18th Oct, 2014. 12:00 PM (America - New York) (Time and Date subject to change)
Prizes: Winner recieves a special Kael Cup Champion trophy. Guaranteed $500 value minimum total prize pool. More details to be announced later.
Who: Anyone with an invite
Cost: Nothing. Just need an invite
Day 1: 5 rounds of Standard, 5 rounds of Peasant
Day 2: 5 rounds of Unlegendary, Cut to a top 16 based on total score
Top 16: Standard format

How to get an invite

  • Win one of the weekly Kael Cup tournaments.
  • Win or top 5 a ladder.
  • Win a major SBE or community event such as the golden gauntlet.
  • Win a Kael Cup Qualifier

How to get a bye

Byes may be applied to any one format. Double byes must be applied as a first round bye in two different formats. Single byes do not stack.
  • Win one of the weekly tournaments while already invited
  • Win a Kael Cup Qualifier
  • Top 5 a ladder while already invited
  • Win a ladder to get 2 byes. This is currently the only way to get 2 byes.